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IBD in Unique Populations

Case-control samples from isolated/founder populations (e.g., Finland, Ashkenazi Jews, Quebec) as the allele frequency spectrum and relationship of effect size and frequency is significantly more favorable in populations that have passed through a recent bottleneck. 

Exploration of non-European populations/ethnicities not as widely surveyed to date in GWAS or sequencing studies (Latino, East Asian and African American) – providing a much more complete assessment of variation in each gene IBD samples with compelling clinical data such as extremes of response to commonly used therapies, severe adverse response to common IBD drugs, particularly severe phenotypic manifestations (eg: presenting with pan-colitis, IBD patients with multiple extra-intestinal manifestations) – as such studies can assess important IBD-related clinical questions and simultaneously be used in the discovery of IBD risk variation.

with each of the projects having its own page with a short overview and then links to constituent subprojects
e.g.: Finland, Ashkenazi Jews and French-Canadians to start with for populations...